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Chatbot IA

Artificial intelligence:
immense potential for your call center


The call center has developed a bad reputation. Complex IVRs and staff shortages that lead to endless hold times – which often exasperate customers!

But the advent of cloud call centers (CCaaS) has allowed artificial intelligence (AI)  to be introduced and revolutionize the way you can serve your customers!

Here is what these solutions can bring to your business.

AI-powered call center chatbots improve the customer experience 

Better understanding of what the customer wants  (vs endless IVR choices)

The arrival of artificial intelligence in call centers has been very successful particularly with the implementation of conversational agents. Powered by natural language processing algorithms, they are only available in cloud telephony CCaaS solutions. Their strengths?

  • Grasp the nuances of each conversation, 
  • Learn from the contexts in which they are deployed 
  • Improve, without human intervention. 

This makes it possible to reduce the endless routing of call  and the resulting wait times.

Fluidity and personalization of the customer journey

Do the famous choices “Type 1, type 2, type 3” get on your nerves ?! This is an illustration of the rigidity of IVRs, which is eliminated by the use of intelligent chatbots. Rather than being built on strict rules, the customer journey offers options, in addition to adapting to the personality of the caller. Two customers with the same problem will therefore not necessarily go through the same path.

An intelligent CCaaS solution has the power to take care of your customers, but also the performance of your teams of operators! It is designed to streamline their processes and support sales efforts.

Artificial intelligence optimizes your call center

A solution to the labor shortage 

As we know, call center operators are a scarce workforce that is difficult to retain. Hence the interest in chatbots, which gives you the opportunity  to focus your staff on more complex 2nd or 3rd level requests. Your staff can be more involved in calls with a context that is particularly difficult to understand, or requires a high level of emotional management of the client.

Better call center management

Chatbots handle level 1 requests faster and in greater quantity than your current team. This means that you are better armed in the event of a significant increase in your call volume. During a product launch, for example, the multiple requests for general information can all be handled and help limit the waiting times for your (potential) customers.

Enhanced sales support

Phone calls are a huge boon for fueling your CRM with customer data. Thanks to AI – which collects and processes a multitude of unstructured data through voice – a CCaaS solution is now able to suggest to your salesperson in real-time offers tailored to the customer on the line depending on the exchange is going, and without disrupting the telephone conversation. At another level, this collected data allows you to better understand your target customers, and to better orient your marketing strategies, for prospecting to acquisition and retention.

The cloud-based call center powered by artificial intelligence is a very promising solution for your business! 

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