The first and most important element in a business’s technology portfolio is connectivity. It is how a business connects to the outside world, be it with customers, suppliers, partners etc. It is how the business will gain access to all the tools available to it.

The cloud is where most business applications run today but you need to connect to the cloud in a reliable and cost effective way to benefit from these applications.

Syndeo offers access to the best local and global providers of connectivity solutions. These may be wired or wireless with a variety of connection types and speeds to fit any business‘s needs.

The fastest and most reliable method to connect is through a fiber optic link. Whether it is to connect your business to the internet or to another one of your locations, fiber is the best you can get.

Fiber networks have grown significantly over the past decade and are now available in most buildings in major metropolitan areas. The advent of competition has also meant that prices have gone down and services are now significantly more affordable than even a few years ago.

Syndeo uses a state of the art tool which can give us immediate information on who provides fiber based connectivity in any building. We can then get pricing and implementation timeframes and get you up and running in no time at all.

While fiber is the best, it is not always available and it may still be out of many business’s budget. In that case Cable and DSL services provide the best bang for your business dollar.

The speeds and reliability of these services have also improved dramatically over the past few years. You can now get speeds exceeding 1Gbit/s in many areas, something that was only possible via fiber a few years ago.

Syndeo has access to and can provide the best pricing on Cable and DSL services across North America.

Everyone has a mobile phone so everyone knows the importance of a good wireless network. Syndeo has access to all major wireless carriers in North America and around the world enabling our customers with services where they need them.

The upcoming deployment of 5G wireless networks will revolutionize the way our devices connect. While it is too soon to offer, Syndeo will have access to all major carriers offering 5G based services as soon as they are available.

A device talking to another device through the internet. That is the basic definition of IoT. You probably know of such services already, like your Ring doorbell, or your Nest thermostat but this is just scratching the surface. 

There are countless applications for IoT today and there are many service providers with state of the art networks and services to enable IoT applications. Sensors which can track movement, temperature, light, humidity, vibration and many more are being fitted with communications devices which in turn connect to next generation networks to enable amazing new applications.

Syndeo has partnered with many of these next generation providers and can help you design and deploy cutting edge applications for your business or your customers.


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