Our process


We Understand Your

We build long term partnerships with our clients by gaining a thorough understanding of your business operations and goals. We also analyze your contract requirements, short-term objectives and long-term projections.


We Define Your

Through collaborative engagement, we will gain a detailed understanding of your current state, the challenges you want to overcome and the goals you wish to achieve. We leverage our experience with other clients in similar situations to help you recognize the possible hurdles as well as opportunities you may be overlooking. We document your objectives and make them the cornerstone of our engagement moving forward.


We Engage Relevant

Our robust portfolio of suppliers and neutrality around them means you have true “freedom of choice”—select from the very best options rather than be forced to use a specific supplier’s one size fits all solution. After we have determined the best path forward, we engage suppliers who have a proven track record for delivering. As we zero in, we engage our executive level supplier relationships to assist in negotiating to provide the best price and delivery outcomes.


We Assist in Supplier

We rank suppliers according to your criteria and assist in final selection and engagement. You contract with suppliers directly, but our scope of work in the market puts us in a unique position to make recommendations based on real-world experience. Our broad buying power enables us to help negotiate the most favorable terms to your benefit.


We Provide Project

We build long-term relationships with our clients. After the contracts have been executed our work continues as an extension of your team by keeping pressure on the suppliers to meet their timelines and commitments. Expanding your team with ours allows you to stay focused on your core business.


We Complement the Supplier

Our executive level relationships with suppliers means we can solve problems fast and our buying power means you get the best price. We add real measurable value to the supplier engagement.

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