SD WAN is the future of networking. It is a new technology wich simplifies the central management of any wide area network and decoupling the network hardware from the control application. It uses a central application (orchestrator) to manage the entire network without the need for powerful and expensive netwrok devices at each edge node of the network.

SD WAN is the fastest growing wide area networking technology, allowing for active-active configurations over multiple circuits such as point-to-point, MPLS, or VPLS. We partner with every major SD WAN, MPLS and VPLS provider to ensure you’re getting the most out of your network for the best possible price. It will make wide area networks much more reliable and much less epxensive to operate.

SD WAN already has many flavours, from self installed/self managed solutions to fully outsourced managed solutions where the service provider takes care of everything.

Syndeo has relationship with the leading providers globally and can, therefore, help you identify and source the right solution for your business.

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