Voice Services

Businesses will always rely on Voice Services to communicate. The technology is changing but the medium will remain the same. Whether it is with Hosted PBX, Unified Communications, SIP Trunks or Analog Lines, people need to talk to people. 

Technology has evolved making voice communications easier, more cost effective and more flexible than ever before.

What is right for your business? We are here to help with your current technology and to help you select what’s best for your future needs.


Voice Services

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX based on Voice over IP (VoIP) is the evolution of business telephony services. Instead of you operating a PBX on your premises it is operated by a provider in their data center(s). 

The major benefits of a Hosted PBX are:

A professional Data Center is much more secure than your office

Hosted PBX services run on enterprise grade servers designed to operate under heavy load and are much more reliable than equipment running locally in your office

Quality Hosted PBX providers operate redundant data centers to ensure no downtime in the case of any outage. This gives you an additional element of safety.

Hosted PBX operates over internet connections, therefore, you can access your telephony services from anywhere in the world as long as you have a reliable internet connection.

Most Hosted PBX services offer the option to use mobile phones as end-points on your business phone system. You can, therefore, access your business telephony services when you are on the road and not be tied to your office phone.

Hosted PBX services are sold by the user (or seat). You, therefore, only pay for the number of users you need and do not have to purchase more capacity than you need. You can also increase and decrease the number of users based on the needs of your business.

Unified Communications UCaaS

Unified Communications as a Service also known as UCaaS is the evolution of VoIP and Hosted PBX for business. It combines a voice service for business with messaging, audio and video conferencing and collaboration. It also frequently includes integration with other applications such as CRM, Service Management Systems.

Most UCaaS services operate on any device such as a desktop, tablet or mobile and also work with VoIP desk-phones for those who still want a device on their desk.

UCaaS services are built in the Cloud and as such have certain advantages over traditional Hosted PBX.

Most leading UCaaS providers have data centers in located in key places around the world. Some of them also use large Cloud services providers who have data centers in dozens if not hundreds of locations. This has many advantages:

A call will go to the closest data center or the one with the best possible network connection. This will, therefore guarantee the best possible call quality no matter where you are when you place or receive a call.

Most UCaaS providers offer packages with long-distance charges included for a selection of countries. This can be very advantageous for businesses who make many calls outside North America.

Most UCaaS providers can offer local numbers in many countries around the world or even toll-free numbers that work from anywhere in the world. This is very helpful when you operate around the world but answer all calls from your location in North America.

The first first word in UCaaS in Unified which signifies that this service provides a streamlined and consolidated way of communicating. You can use voice, messaging as well as conferencing (both audio and video) from the same application. These applications also run on all devices including desktops and mobiles making access to your communications easy from wherever you happen to be.

Most UCaaS services come with some degree of integration to external applications such as CRM, email, calendar, customer support systems, ERP systems, Collaboration system, marketing automation systems etc.

This adds significant value to the business as it enables you to capture information once and have it be used in multiple applications. The possibilities are endless and are limited only by your imagination

Legacy/ Analog Lines

While the business world is moving to VoIP, there is still the need for analog lines. 

If you still operate an on premise key system or PBX and need legacy analog lines or PRIs, we can help.

We have access to all Telephone and Cable Company services as well as all the major competitive resellers. We can get you the best pricing and ensure that you pay the lowest price for your contract period.


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