Why work with Syndeo?


Save Time

We analyze your needs and engage multiple suppliers to provide you solutions. You only need to explain your needs once.

Access to over 200 providers

At Syndeo, we have relationships with dozens of providers and bring multiple solutions to the table to ensure you have a choice among the best.

Preferential Pricing

We have the buying power to negotiate significant price reductions that benefit your business directly 

Implementation Support

Our experts will work with you and the chosen supplier to ensure a smooth implementation of the technology you selected. We know these providers and have the relationships and the leverage to ensure that they do their best to implement your technology the way it is best for you.

We remain your representative advocate with your provider.

We have access to senior management with our providers and can escalate issues to ensure quick and satisfactory resolution


Spend Time

You need to do your own research. You need to meet multiple providers and explain your needs multiple times wasting a lot of your precious time.

You must find your own providers.

In most cases businesses owners are only aware of a couple of alternatives and are left with choosing the least bad alternative 

You must negotiate your own pricing

In most cases you will be paying list pricing and may be forced into unfavourable terms

You must work with the selected provider by yourself.

You may have a positive experience but you may also face delays and complictions. You won’t have an ally and will have no leverage with your provider.

You are on your own.

If you have any issues, you must go through the provider’s support process which may take time and possibly not lead to satisfactory resolution

Tell us how we can help you. Ask us for a free evaluation.